Monday, January 29, 2007 

Causin' a Ruckus by Double-Dippin' with The Donnas after SnoCap!

AKA Episode 3 of Mind The Gap!(Download HERE, click below to play)

The third episode of your friendly-neighborhood marketing podcast is all about the music. In this episode I talk about Ruckus giving college students free music, Baidu teaming with EMI to stream free music to Chinese search users, and SnoCap's partnership with MySpace and Merlin to let independent artists sell music through their MySpace pages. And finally, I throw in a tune from The Donnas, after talking about the fan-run site, and how the band is selling more music, by empowering their fans to give it away.

And as always, all this marketing goodness can be yours in less than 15 minutes!

Here are the World-Famous Mind The Gap Show Notes!

00:00 - Intro: "Who Invited You?" - The Donnas

00:23 - Show Overview

01:07 - What the deal is with Ruckus and their service that lets college students download music for free

02:57 - Baidu partnering with EMI to stream music from Chinese artists

04:40 - SnoCap's partnership with Merlin and MySpace to let Indie artists sell their music on websites, MySpace pages, blogs, etc.

06:58 - Why labels need to embrace bloggers, podcasters and other music fans online to let them promote their favorite artists

08:16 - Explanation of, and how The Donnas have created a fan-run community that lets fellow fans download the band's music for free.

10:45 - "Out of My Hands" - The Donnas

Buy the music featured in this episode of Mind The Gap RIGHT HERE:

"Who Invited You?" - The Donnas (Download LIVE version for FREE here)

"Out of My Hands" - The Donnas (Download LIVE version for FREE here)

Both songs are also available through iTunes.

If you want to download Episode 3, click HERE.

Next episode will be here on Friday!

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Friday, January 12, 2007 

Barenaked Ladies Slingboxing in Kohls with The Donnas!

AKA Mind The Gap Episode 2!(Click below to play)

In the second Collector's Item edition of Mind The Gap I look at how Kohl's is telling Paul the would-be evangelist to please go away, how CBS is actually empowering its community to become its marketing partner, and sandwich both inbetween a kickass intro from The Donnas, and new music from The Barenaked Ladies!

And all this can be yours in less than 15 minutes!

Here are the World Famous Mind The Gap Show Notes!

00:00 Intro: "Who Invited You?" - The Donnas

00:23 Paul's trip to Kohls, and what happens when companies don't listen to their blogging customers

05:09 CBS partnering with Slingbox to allow users to upload snippets of CBS content to the internet

09:33 Close: "Easy" - Barenaked Ladies

Buy the music featured in this episode of Mind The Gap HERE:

"Who Invited You?" - The Donnas (Download live version for FREE HERE)

"Easy" - Barenaked Ladies

Both songs are also available through iTunes.

As always, hints, comments and laughter at my accent is appreciated.

And again, you can download Episode 2 of Mind The Gap by clicking here!

Extra mentions: Brand Experience Lab

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Friday, January 05, 2007 

The first episode of Mind The Gap is Live!

Click below to play.

Yes that's right, writing here, at Daily Fix, BMA and for Marketing Vox aint enough, now I've done gone and got me a marketing podcast.

And its name be Mind The Gap.

Mind The Gap is where I will take a weekly look at companies, their communities, and the gap that exists between the two. I'll talk about companies that are closing that gap, and companies that are making some boneheaded moves to push their communities away. I'll also examine community-empowerment tools that companies can and are employing to better reach their communities.

As with the content here, I'll talk early and often about ways that companies can harness the power of their communities to better serve their wants and needs, by making their customers a marketing partner for their messages. With of course, a healthy focus on social media.

Perhaps best of all, every episode will be quick and to the point. Less than 15 minutes. You get in, get the goods, and get out. Quick, and relatively painless.

And finally, Mind The Gap wouldn't be complete without.....MUSIC! Every week I'll feature clips from songs by artists and labels smart enough to empower their fans to market for them! And it will likely come as no shock to regular Viral Garden readers that The Donnas and Nettwerk have already jumped on board.

Here are the (Now with 15% MORE) Show Notes for Episode 1:

00:00 Intro: "Who Invited You?" - The Donnas

00:24 Quick intro and explanation of what Mind The Gap is.

01:00 Overview of Sony's flog and how Sony blew it big time.

05:09 Contrast Sony's blunder with the great job that inventor Roger von Oech has done in joining the blogosphere on the community's terms. I also reveal my love of The Ball of Whacks and The Creative Whack Pack.

08:57 Recap, mucho thank-yous(The Donnas, Mark @, Nettwerk's Terry McBride and Monika Selnar)

10:03 Close: "Silence" - Delerium (Featuring Sarah McLachlan)

Buy the music featured in this episode of Mind The Gap HERE:

"Who Invited You" - The Donnas (Download live version for free HERE)
"Silence" - Delerium (Featuring Sarah McLachlan)

Both songs are also available through iTunes.

Finally, I would like to thank Talent Zoo's Stace Carter for answering a million technical questions I had about getting the podcast set-up, and what equipment I should use. Also thanks to CK and Ann for giving me great feedback on the show during 'beta-testing' ;)

So if you can, give it a listen, leave comments, suggestions, laugh at my voice (yes I know it sounds like I'm from Alabama, that's because...I'm from Alabama), poke fun unmercifully, I can take it.

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